[미국] Hillary Clinton Pro-War and Imperialism Record in Bullet Points

by 볼셰비키 posted Oct 19, 2016


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Hillary Clinton Pro-War and Imperialism Record in Bullet Points

Historical data show a strong connection between US involvement in international situations and an increase in terrorist attacks against the United States. -  US Department of Defense , 1997 

"I urged him to bomb." - Hillary Clinton 


"Whatever it takes" is a phrase commonly used by politicians.  In this case, it is taken from one of Hillary Clinton's close friends, who used it to characterize what Clinton would do to get a Democrat into the White House.  This report, however, looks at what Clinton is willing to do or support in pursuit of strategic, policy, and other goals, and reveals that with some regularity, she has capitalized on the US power advantage and the standard of "whatever it takes" has been applied. 

This is a record of Hillary Clinton’s support for wars of aggression and other acts of extremism. 

In anticipation of the 2016 election, a principal reason for creating this record is to provide a clear illustration of what is put forth as the supposed "less evil" of the two viable choices in the US system, and examine the consequences this lack of choice has had on the world.

TIME magazine is known as a staple of support and cover for US international criminality.  The famous investigative journalist Carl Bernstein documents that the US government has no external "need to manipulate Time magazine, for example, because there are Agency [CIA] people at the management level."  

However, even TIME has balked at Hillary Clinton's record, reporting that she will almost certainly be a more extreme militant than any Republican opponent.   

At the end of the year in which Clinton left her position as Secretary of State (2013), the Obama regime's USA was voted, in a Win/Gallup poll of 65 countries around the world, as the single greatest threat to world peace, with the runner-up (Pakistan, an Islamic fundamentalist US ally) receiving three times fewer votes, and Russia receiving twelve times fewer votes: 


This was largely due to multiple, illegal US attacks that were co-schemed and advocated by Hillary Clinton, and ultimately demanded and perpetrated by Barack Obama. 

The record is intended to inform current and potential Clinton supporters who favor international law and peace, but may not have deeply researched the candidate, about what they are actually supporting.  While one may still feel trapped into casting a vote for Clinton to avoid a potential worse fate, her record should prompt us to work towards a reality in which we are not limited to choosing between two evils. 

Hillary Clinton: 

  • Strongly supported, in the 1980s, the death-squad torturers known as the Contras, who were the USA's proxy terrorist army in Nicaragua. (1)
    • Nicaragua complained to the International Court of Justice, which ruled in favor of Nicaragua and demanded the US pay approximately $18 billion in reparations for its state terrorism against Nicaragua.  The US refused, vetoed Security Council resolutions condemning the USA's actions, and increased its atrocities against Nicaragua. 
    • Details on Clinton's support for the Contra terrorists in "Partners in Power", by Roger Morris (link)  
  • Supported aggressive US invasions of or attacks against Haiti (1994, US-backed overthrow of Haiti's democracy), Bosnia (1995 - see below - at the end of 2013, nearly half of Bosnia (49%) viewed the USA as the greatest threat to world peace), and Kosovo (1999 - see below). (4)
  • Supported Bill Clinton regime's illegal, aggressive, brutal bombing of Yugoslavia
    • Before the Kosovo war, she phoned Bill Clinton from Africa. As she recalled later, "I urged him to bomb." (4) 
      • "Kosovo[,] with its massive U.S. army base, has become a global center of human, human-organ and narcotics trafficking..."
    • Amnesty International released a report which stated that NATO forces had deliberately targeted civilian Serbian state radio, and had intentionally killed civilians. (7)
    • The bombing caused great damage to local civilians, including death, injury, severe pollution (including nuclear radiation from Depleted Uranium munitions) and widespread ecological damage, consequences for the physical health of the people which will remain for years as well as permanent consequences for psychological health caused by almost 3 months of trauma and fear. (8)
    • Among many locations, NATO bombed the Ministry of Education in Novi Sad, premises which administered social welfare programmes. (8)
    • Novi Sad residents point out that the irony that Novi Sad was so heavily targeted by NATO also lies in the fact that during the time of the bombing, the city was ruled by the local Democratic Opposition, which was against the regime in Belgrade. Therefore, the citizens of Novi Sad were not able to understand why they had to pay so large price for the events in Kosovo, which were not caused by them. (8)
    • The bombing was a war crime.
    • In 2007, the International Criminal Court found that Serbia had not committed genocide at Srebrenica, which was a US pretext to bomb and illegally expand NATO eastward, violating a peace treaty with Russia that promised NATO would not move "one inch" east.
    • US officials such as General Wesley Clarke predicted that US/NATO bombing would greatly add to, increase, and worsen violence and atrocities in the region, but the bombing was carried out nonetheless, and the prediction proved completely accurate.
      • The acts that were later used to justify the illegal US bombing, in fact, occurred after, and as a predicted result of, the bombing. 
    • NATO continues to occupy the territory it conquered through the bombings, which was the goal of the bombing, as stated by officials such as Tony Blair. 
    • In the entire year before the bombing, US-backed Kosovar jihadists committed the vast majority of the crimes in the region.  Their stated goal was to create a pretext for the US/NATO bombing. 
      • Books that cover the topic herehereherehere.  
      • Example: Bill Clinton helicoptered Al Qaeda members into Bosnia as part of his proxy war against Yugoslavia.  See here
      • Far worse crimes were simultaneously being carried out by US client/allies including Turkey, Indonesia, and Israel, with massive US participation and support.
        • Examples: Here.  Here.  Here.  
        • For example, the US supplied 80% of the weapons to Turkey so it could massacre Kurds, and the US flow of arms to Turkey increased during the height of Turkey's atrocities. 
          • US-backed Turkey (as well as US-backed countries Israel and Morocco) has violated more UN resolutions than Iraq.  
        • Hillary Clinton did not call for the bombing of any of these countries even though they were committing far worse crimes, or for the bombing of Washington because of its massive support for, complicity in, and enabling of these terrorist crimes. (9)
  • In 2000 Hillary Clinton said she favored continuing the illegal U.S. embargo against Cuba, which has been called the longest genocide in human history, and is opposed every year in a UN general assembly vote by the entire world, and supported only by the US and Israel. (4)
  • Hillary Clinton supported the USA's illegal invasion of Afghanistan (here).  Attacking a country without UN Security Council approval means the act is illegal aggression, which is defined in international law as the supreme crime, which includes all evil that results from it.  The invasion has killed thousands, none of whom have been identified as having anything to do with the 9/11 attacks.  However, the USA has (to this day) continued a gas pipeline project that it had had trouble pushing through with the Taliban in power.  See below.    
  • In 2001, Clinton called John Walker Lindh, who was tortured in US custody, a traitor for "supporting" the Taliban (see here).  She made this statement long before his trial.  However, I have found no record of Hillary Clinton condemning as traitors any of the US government officials, US firms, or US individuals who had, on record, supported and done business with the Taliban:
    • The US was supporting the efforts of Unocal to cooperate with the Taliban to build a natural gas pipeline through Afghanistan. Meetings were being held for that purpose right up to September 11, 2001. There was also a telephone company interested in Afghanistan. 
      • Unocal’s pipeline project would have brought natural gas from Turkmenistan to Pakistan by crossing through Afghanistan—a route purportedly preferable to alternative routes through Russia or Iran.
      • Unocal CEO John Imle estimated that the company spent between $15 and $20 million on its Central Asia gas pipeline (CentGas) project, including on efforts to lobby the Taliban (here)
        • Unocal also equipped the Taliban with technologies such as satellite phones, for example.
        • "...Unocal –– had very close relations with the Taliban. They took their leaders on junkets to their home bases, they gave them substantial help in the form of office equipment, and they gave medical treatment to many of their leaders. Unocal set up a training school for the Taliban in Kandahar." (here)
      • Lindh’s lawyers filed voluminous documents establishing that he is the only person ever prosecuted for supporting the Taliban, even though many firms and individuals had continued doing business with the Taliban after Bill Clinton issued the executive order Lindh was accused of violating.
      • In other words, as far as people like Hillary Clinton are concerned, the oil monopolies and other sections of the corporate elite could violate the law with impunity, because their drive to reap profits by currying favor with the Taliban is something women's rights champions like Clinton will mysteriously overlook in certain cases (unless condemning abuses can be used as a political tool or is essentially mandated by public pressure; see below), much as Clinton can see past women's rights abuses in Saudi Arabia because of its importance as a US oil ally, client, and partner in terrorist endeavors such as the US/Saudi backed jihadist terrorist war against Syria, which Clinton adamantly supports and oversaw (see below).  Lindh, on the other hand, could be called a traitor and condemned to lifetime imprisonment because he lacks the connections to the Bush administration enjoyed by oil executives and makes a convenient scapegoat.
      • More on Lindh here and here
      • (Side note: Since the USA's 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, the Taliban, having been uncooperative on the USA's highly sought after gas pipelines, was dispersed by US force (along with thousands of civilians killed), and the USA, with Afghanistan under military occupation, has conveniently followed through with the gas pipeline deals it always wanted, on the terms it wanted.  Isn't that nice?  See here.)  
        • (Second side note: Afghanistan was relatively stable in the late 1970s and had made vast improvements on women's rights - that is, until the USA assembled a proxy-army of torturing jihadist, fundamentalist Islamist terrorists and used them to destroy the Russian-backed Afghan government.  But in the end, after causing millions to die and helping bring the Taliban into power as it wreaked havoc against women and others, taking women's rights into the middle ages, the USA got what it wanted: an agreement from the US-installed Karzai regime to build gas pipelines running from the country of the USA's vicious dictator friends in Turkmenistan, through Afghanistan, to Pakistan's coast.  More info here and here.)
    • Hillary Clinton offered her personal guarantee of US government backing (meaning security) to Chevron to increase Chevron's credibility in pursuing the Afghanistan gas pipeline project:
      • "...both Chevron and Exxon-Mobil have expressed interest in TAPI [the pipeline from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan]."  However, Turkmenistan wanted a firm signal that the US government was committed.  That signal readily came from none other than Hillary Clinton.  The president of Turkmenistan received "a letter backing Chevron's project from then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton." (quoted WSJ article here
      • Read the full WSJ article, quoted above, for a look at finance's openly stated interest in controlling other people's resources for their own benefit.  For the big shots who run and own these energy companies, poor people dying by the millions means nothing.  They are not mentioned in the article, and their deaths are probably not well known to the author, as they are of no interest.  The author seems to have no idea or care about the USA's bringing to power of and support for the Taliban in pursuit of resource control in Afghanistan.
      • What Clinton did for Chevron is a pure illustration of the welding of state and corporate power (for another example, see here).  That in combination with Clinton's push for vastly increasing the flow of young US men and women into Afghanistan (in part to provide security for the Chevron pipeline project) is an illustration of pure neo-imperialism.
      • Hillary Clinton is evidently more than willing - she is able - to sacrifice other people's lives in support of her cronies and needed campaign donors in the fossil fuel industry. 
      • Any attempt to portray herself as a warm, innocent person is a lie: she is demonstrably a crude, boorish (see here) terrorist and criminal opportunist willing to do almost anything to serve benefactors and cronies like Chevron.  
      • (After Clinton guaranteed backing for Chevron to build the pipeline, Obama sent his own personal letter to the president of Turkmenistan, backing Chevron and "emphasizing a common interest in helping develop Afghanistan and expressing [his] support for TAPI [pipeline] and his desire for a major U.S. firm to construct it." (WSJ))
      • As stated in the Wall Street Journal article, quoted above, the US must be the one to build the pipeline, because if it does not, others, such as Iran, Russia, and China, might be "tempted to take it up", which would "greatly enhance" their "voice in Afghanistan and the region".  So it needs to be the USA illegally invading Afghanistan, sending our kids to die and murder, so the US will have a strong "voice" and "credibility".  
        • Is everyone excited to volunteer their kids to keep fighting the US-installed Taliban, which is funded mainly by US-backed Saudi Arabia, which the Obama regime, in 2013, sent almost 61 billion dollars worth of lethal weapons, some illegal, the biggest weapons shipment in US history?  If you're not convinced yet, remember: the pipeline project is "marketable", and "several financial institutions have already expressed interest."
      • In 2012, Obama bragged in a speech that "We've added enough new oil and gas pipeline to encircle the Earth and then some."    
      • As Secretary of State, Clinton backed a bold escalation of the the USA's illegal invasion of Afghanistan.
        • With Clinton's encouragement, Obama escalated the USA's invasion of Afghanistan from 30,000 to 100,000 soldiers or more.
        • Of the 2,300 American soldiers who have died in the 12-year-old Afghan War, about 1,670 (or more than 70 percent) have died since President Obama took office. Many were killed in the surge of young people into Afghanistan (clearing the way for Chevron) that Gates, Petraeus and Clinton pushed for.
        • Obama and his regime are currently trying to keep US troops there indefinitely, stated as "through 2024 and beyond."
      • Hillary Clinton supported and voted for illegal, aggressive US invasion of Iraq
        • On October 11, 2002, Clinton voted in favor of the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq, commonly known as the Iraq War Resolution, to give President Bush authority for the Iraq Invasion. (4)
        • Estimated deaths due to the illegal US invasion range from hundreds of thousands to millions
          • Avoidable mortality rates in Iraq shot up drastically due to the invasion
          • As was predicted by the US, the invasion introduced Al Qaeda into Iraq and increased terrorism in the Middle East by hundreds of percent
      • Refuses to apologize for supporting US aggression against Iraq
        • By February 2007, Clinton made a point of refusing to admit that her October 2002 Iraq War Resolution vote was a mistake, or to apologize for it, as anti-war Democrats demanded. (4)
        • Many hard right wing figures, including politicians and pundits such as Bill O'Reilly, have repeatedly publicly apologized for supporting the illegal US invasion of Iraq.
        • "Former administration officials also tell TIME that Clinton was an advocate for maintaining a residual troop force after the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq... They also describe her as skeptical of diplomacy with Iran." - TIME
        • "As Obama [under Iraqi force] began withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq, Clinton supported an effort to leave behind several thousands soldiers..." - TIME
        • Clinton claims she opposed the Iraq surge for purely political reasons, while personally supporting it, and even reportedly saying "The Iraq surge worked", here
      • At the height of the US occupation, a massive military presence in Iraq was bolstered by a huge number of contractors. Even when the military began leaving, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was openly talking about establishing a private, State Department-run “army” of contractors to fight in Iraq.
        • That army was created, and is still in Iraq.
      • Hillary Clinton supports torture, including waterboarding and hypothermia, when carried out by the USA (seehere):
        • "This procedure [waterboarding] is recognized internationally as a cruel and inhuman method [of] torture, and the US itself sentenced a Japanese soldier to 15 years in prison on war crimes charges for using the technique against an American prisoner of war. It has been banned by US law and explicitly repudiated by the military in the latest Army Field Manual." (here)
        • "A nation that has so often carried out military aggression, wantonly attacked civilian populations and targets, destroyed entire societies, used weapons of mass destruction, and used its armed might to crush oppositional movements around the world - killing millions and displacing tens of millions more in the process - cannot be expected to shy away from torture and other atrocities as it routinely goes about its global business." - Carl Boggs, "Crimes of Empire", pg. 208 More:
        • Torture and other comparable forms of inhumane treatment have been explicitly outlawed since WW2.  
        • The 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 5, states: "no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhumane, or degrading punishment."  
        • Geneva Convention III, article 49, states: "prisoners of war must at all times be treated humanely" and (article 17) "no physical or mental torture, nor any other form of coercion, may be inflicted on prisoners of war to secure from them information of any kind whatever."
        • These rules are to be applied uniformly, with no exceptions, and to be extended not just to members of armed forces but to militias, volunteer groups, resistance movements, and insurgencies. 
        • The Convention Against Torture (1984) directs each state party to incorporate torture as an offense within its criminal law (Article 4).
        • The Rome Statutes of the ICC define torture and other abuses of prisoners as a war crime. 
        • The US is a signatory to the UDHR, the Geneva Conventions, and the Convention Against Torture. 
        • This has not deterred Washington from setting up its own outlaw regimen for treating prisoners and others under its control. 
        • Hillary Clinton supports the illegal expansion of Israel, which is carried out through the stealing and ethnic cleansing of Palestine. 
          • Israel's illegal bulldozing of Palestinian homes and replacement of them with Israeli homes is up over 75% in 2013. 
          • The US is totally isolationist in preventing international law from being applied to Israel to make it stop doing this.
          • Israel is the single biggest recipient of US aid at over 10 million dollars a day, increased by half a billion dollars, then again over a quarter billion dollars, under Obama after Israel's 2009 US-backed Gaza Massacre (which killed up to 7,000 people, almost all civilians, including with US-provided chemical weapons; see "Rain of Fire" by Human Rights Watch) and massive increases in Israel's illegal demolition of Palestinian homes and building of Israeli homes in Palestine
          • Every year the UN votes on settlement of the Palestine issue, and every year the vote is the whole world in favor of the June 1967 borders, and the US and Israel opposed.  
          • Every major human rights organization agrees. 
          • All 22 states in the Arab League agree. 
          • In 2004, the highest legal body in the world, the International Court of Justice, issued a ruling and agreed that Israel must respect the 1967 borders.  All fifteen judges agreed, including the judge from the US.  
          • The only thing blocking international law from being enforced on Israel is the USA, because of people like Hillary Clinton.
        • Supported the US-backed Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006
          • "We are here to show solidarity and support for Israel. We will stand with Israel, because Israel is standing for American values as well as Israeli ones." - Hillary Clinton (4)
          • Israel deliberately targeted Lebanese civilians. (6)
          • The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) initially estimated about 35,000 homes and businesses in Lebanon were destroyed by Israel. (6)
          • It has been widely reported that the vast majority of the Lebanese killed were civilians, and UNICEF estimated that 30% of those killed were children under the age of 13. (6)
          • After a UN ceasefire was negotiated, Israel shattered it and saturated Southern Lebanese villages with 4 million cluster bomb sub-munitions (many of them purchased from the USA). (6)
            • Human Rights Watch "found that the IDF’s use of cluster munitions was both indiscriminate [meaning terrorism] and disproportionate"
            • 1 million of Israel's sub-munitions failed to explode on impact, lingering as land mines that killed or maimed almost 200 people since the war ended. As of 2011, munitions were still causing casualties and being cleared by volunteers.
            • Parts of southern Lebanon remained uninhabitable due to Israeli unexploded cluster bomblets. 
        • Hillary Clinton's State Department "helped enable Obama’s expansion of lethal drone strikes.  In fact, Clinton may have been the administration’s most reliable advocate for military action." - TIME
          • Drone bombings (which consist principally of executing suspects without trial, blowing up mud huts, and straight terrorism) have increased more than 300% since Bush, and have killed untold thousands of people, likely mostly civilians (see here) including women, children, and people whose identities are not known by the aggressors - terrorism
          • Drone bombs have a kill/injury radius of 60 feet, thus their use can easily be and is often indiscriminate, which is terrorism.   
        • Supported illegal Obama regime war to support Al Qaeda against Libya, which is now a failed state ruled by murderous US-backed jihadist militias who kill unarmed protesters
          • President Obama again ceded to Clinton’s advocacy for war and supported a Western bombing campaign that enabled the rebels, including Islamic extremists with ties to al-Qaeda, to seize control of Tripoli and hunt Gaddafi down in Sirte, Libya, on Oct. 20, 2011 (here).
          • According to The New York Times, the deciding push to take military action in Libya came from Hillary Clinton.
          • “We came, we saw, he died.”
            — US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, (video here),
            laughing (it seemed uncontrollably), as she spoke of the depraved murder of Moammar Gaddafi
            • Imagine Osama bin Laden or some other Islamic leader speaking of murdering Hillary Clinton (who has supported more killings than Bin Laden could ever have hoped to even approach), and saying: “We came, we saw, she died … ha-ha.”
          • "The political grief Clinton has suffered over the September 11, 2012 attack on a U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya, comes with an ironic twist: the tragic episode might never occurred had Clinton not supported intervening in Libya’s civil war." - TIME
          • Even with public opinion running more than 2-1 against US aggression against Libya, Clinton, exhibiting her usual preference for terrorism and violence (as long as she's not on the receiving end; she's a brave woman), advocated for aggression, tipping the balance and personally convincing the Obama regime to commit aggression against Libya and Gaddafi, who had helped Nelson Mandela fight apartheid South Africa while the USA was strongly, strongly backing and supporting apartheid, and who was an obstacle in the way of total US domination of the Middle East (as obstacles in the way of colonial domination of North America were also brutally murdered by the colonizers; the US and UK have since transitioned into neo-imperialism (see here)). 
          • "Before the bombing Libya was the richest country in Africa and on track to attain all the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). After the bombing it is likely Libya will not attain any of the MDGs and it has become a failed State."  (here)
        • Supports illegal Obama regime aggression against Syria, both overt and covert
          • US and Saudi-backed jihadists have killed thousands in Syria, in addition to war crimes such as executions, civilian massacres, and eating the hearts of victims
          • "She pressed Obama to arm the Syrian rebels, and later endorsed air strikes against the Assad regime [as the USA knowingly lied, saying Assad had carried out chemical attacks]." - Time 
          • Clinton personally teamed up with war criminal David Patraeus and despicable republican imperialist war-hawks John McCain (who has supported every US war without exception) and Lindsey Graham, and pursued the idea of arming jihadist militias fighting on the side of Al Qaeda in Syria - advocating for the fifth time the USA would ally with, support, or fight on the same side as Al Qaeda (the other times being Afghanistan in the 80s, Bosnia and Kosovo in the 90s, and Libya, also thanks to Hillary Clinton, in 2011)    
          • "When Obama threatened air strikes last fall to punish the Syrian regime’s [dishonestly alleged] use of chemical weapons, Hillary Clinton did support him with a pair of public statements. She was apparently undaunted by polling that showed more than 70 percent of Americans opposed to military action." -TIME
          • More on the USA's arming of jihadists to destabilize Syria, starting at least in 2006 under Bush (with similar plots by US and UK starting in 1957), here
            • "the protests in Syria [were] planned, funded, and directed by the US State Department, years before the so-called "Arab Spring" began..."
              • The US has been carrying out such actions frequently since 1945.  Obama regime also illegally funded violent Anti-Morsi non-governmental organizations, and in 2009 supported a fascist military coup to overthrow Honduras' democracy. 
            • Indeed, Syria was one of seven countries the Bush regime planned to "take out" (see here), plans that Obama has continued verbatim. 
            • Long history of USA's brutal imperialism against Syria, here
          • Hillary Clinton personally lied directly to the UN Security Council and the world to try to get the UNSC to authorize US aggression and regime change against Syria.  Her lies have been fully exposed, and this author (here) demanded her resignation.   
        • Supports illegal US regime change against Syria, though I am not aware of calls from her for regime change or jihadist proxy war against Bahrain, where the US-backed dictatorship crushed Arab Spring protests and, as part of its strategy to discourage dissent, is, according to Amnesty International, systematically torturing children.  Likewise, I am not aware of her calls for regime change or terrorist proxy war against Saudi Arabia, where Arab Spring protests were also put down by the US-backed dictatorship, which, according to Hillary Clinton herself, is the world's biggest supporter of Al Qaeda, Al Nusra (top terrorist groups fighting against Syria) and the Taliban.  Interesting.  
        • Opposes democracy: So-called "leftist" Obama backed a right-wing military dictatorship in a coup to overthrow Honduras's democracy in 2009.  The coup, condemned by the entire world in the UN General Assembly, succeeded "because of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama". 
          • The Obama-backed military coup destroyed a democracy that was making great strides in reducing the poverty that has been brought on by thirty years of US-backed repression in Honduras.
          • As Obama did in Egypt (so he could illegally keep sending money and weapons) Hillary Clintonrefused to call the coup in Honduras a coup: "When a fascist putsch, a coup d'etat, overthrew at gunpoint the popular progressive democratic President of Honduras on 28 June 2009, and all countries of the world except Israel and the United States promptly declared the junta-installed government illegitimate, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refused to join all other nations in rejecting the fascist regime... Hillary Clinton supported the fascists." (here)
          • "...instead [of joining the entire world and condemning the coup], she [Hillary Clinton] joined with then-Senator Jim DeMint (now head of the Heritage Foundation and the chief sponsor of the political career of Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz) in propping up the fascist regime. Promptly Honduras descended into hell, suddenly having the world's highest murder-rate, and becoming a haven of narco-trafficking. What was Hillary thinking? She expressed contempt for Zelaya, but what was really happening here was that American international companies liked paying their Honduran contractors sub-human wages to workers at their plants in Honduras. The Honduran aristocrats owned those factories, and the U.S. aristocrats shared with them the profits from this "free-market" slavery. What did Hillary care about the ongoing terror, murders, and soaring narco-trafficking?"
          • "The central-American nation of Honduras is now ruled by an extremist far-right government today, a fascist junta-imposed government, because of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama." (see here)
          • "Hillary Clinton as the Secretary of State... displayed a record of carrying out the policies that were being promoted by her lobbyist friends, when she did everything possible, early in President Obama's first term, to support U.S. funding for the fascist junta in Honduras that perpetrated a coup d'etat on 28 June 2009 overthrowing that nation's popular progressive democratically elected President, and who then installed their own regime, and promptly placed their country into a continuing violent terror that caused Honduras ever since to be the nation with the highest murder rate in the world. Hillary's lobbyist friend in that particular matter was Lanny Davis, who also is an occasional Fox News contributor." (here)
          • The US Department of State had prior knowledge of the coup. The Department of State and the US Congress funded and advised the actors and organisations in Honduras that participated in the coup. The Pentagon trained, schooled, commanded, funded and armed the Honduran armed forces that perpetrated the coup and that continue to repress the people of Honduras by force. (here)
          • More info HERE and HERE (second link is to video that includes terrorized Honduran students holding up cans of tear gas with "Made in USA" printed on it)
        • Hillary signed an agreement committing $124 million tax dollars to the building of the Caracol sweatshop assembly park in the north of Haiti. The agreement includes massive tax breaks for sweatshop bosses. Workers there are making the starvation wage of about $3.50 a day. (here)
        • Supports imperial control over the Internet:
          • "We’re all going to have to rethink how we deal with the Internet. As exciting as these new developments are, there are a number of serious issues without any kind of editing function or gatekeeping function." -Hillary Clinton
        • Denounced Edward Snowden's heroic acts as "outrageous".
          • Also denounced China for not acting like a proper authoritarian regime and arresting Snowden while he was there. 
        • Made $400,000 for lecturing to Goldman Sachs
        • Cables leaked by Chelsea Manning reveal Hillary Clinton's "extreme hatred for democracy" and suppression of popular opinion (2) 
          • While 77% of Arabs, at the time of cable leak, viewed the US and Israel as the biggest threats to peace, only 10% viewed Iran as a threat, and 57% thought Iran should have nuclear weapons as a deterrent to invasion by the US and Israel, Clinton championed and reported only the opinions of US-allied Arab dictators, never their populations, illustrating who she prefers between populations and dictators.   
        • In her vein of loving horrific dictators that follow dictates of US imperialism, Hillary Clinton, of the 30-year tyrant of Egyptgushed: “I really consider President and Mrs. Mubarak to be friends of my family.”
        • Ordered American officials to spy on high ranking UN diplomats, including British representatives.  Top secret cables revealed that Mrs Clinton, the Secretary of State, even ordered diplomats to obtain DNA, iris scans, and fingerprints, as well as credit card and frequent flier numbers, passwords, and personal encryption keys used in private and commercial networks for official communications. It also included Internet and intranet usernames, e-mail addresses, web site URLs useful for identification, and work schedules.The targeted human intelligence was requested in a process known as the National Humint Collection Directive, and was aimed at foreign diplomats of US allies as well.  Further leaked material revealed that the guidance in the cables was actually written by the National Clandestine Service of the Central Intelligence Agency before being sent out under Clinton's name, as the CIA cannot directly instruct State Department personnel. (5)
        • Supports continued US imperial terrorizing of Iranian civilians through economic weapons, threats, and aggression, with ultimate goal being government overthrow, installation of pro-US regime, and energy market control (see here).
          • Issues threats of force, illegal under international law, against Iran:
            • The US "cannot take any option off the table in sending a clear message to the current leadership of Iran – that they will not be permitted to acquire nuclear weapons" - Hillary Clinton (4)
          • Clinton voted for a symbolic non-binding amendment to label the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution as a "foreign terrorist organization,"... Democratic opponents criticized her for contributing to what they said was Bush administration saber rattling on Iran. (4)
          • Lies to further US public propaganda efforts regarding Iran:
            • "If Iran were to launch a nuclear attack on Israel what would our response be? I want the Iranians to know that if I'm the president, we will attack Iran. That's what we will do. There is no safe haven." Hillary Clinton continued, "Whatever stage of development they might be in theirnuclear weapons program [the one the UN and all 16 US intelligence agencies say doesn't exist and is not planned] in the next 10 years during which they may foolishly consider launching an attack on Israel, we would be able to totally obliterate them." Iran complained to the UN about her comments. (4)
            • Even Obama chastised Clinton for this, saying her words were "reminiscent of George Bush". 
            • Stated that Iran must prove its program is peaceful, despite all evidence stating that it is and none suggesting otherwise.
            • Clinton "acknowledged that the harsh US sanctions were intended to target and send the people of Iran a message", meaning she admits to targeting civilians for collective punishment for political purposes, which is terrorism.  (here)
            • The 1977 Additional Protocols to the 1949 Geneva Conventions prohibit any measure that has the effect of depriving a civilian population of objects indispensable to its survival. Article 70 of Protocol I mandates relief operations to aid a civilian population that is “not adequately provided” with supplies and Article 18 of Protocol II requires relief operations for a civilian population that suffers “undue hardship owing to a lack of supplies essential for its survival, such as foodstuffs and medical supplies.”
            • Art. 70 of Additional Protocol I of Art. 23 of the Fourth Geneva Convention prohibits interfering with delivery of relief goods to all members of the civilian population.
            • More violations here
        • As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had been a hawk on the Iranian nuclear issue (here). In 2009-2010, when Iran first indicated a willingness to compromise, she led the opposition to any negotiated settlement and pushed for punishing sanctions.
          • To clear the route for sanctions, Clinton helped sink agreements tentatively negotiated with Iran to ship most of its low-enriched uranium out of the country. In 2009, Iran was refining uranium only to the level of about 3-4 percent, as needed for energy production. Its negotiators offered to swap much of that for nuclear isotopes for medical research.
          • But the Obama administration and the West rebuffed the Iranian gesture because it would have left Iran with enough enriched uranium to theoretically refine much higher – up to 90 percent – for potential use in a single bomb, though Iran insisted it had no such intention and [all 16] U.S. intelligence agencies agreed [on multiple occasions, as do the UN and Israeli intelligence].
          • Then, in spring 2010, Iran agreed to another version of the uranium swap proposed by the leaders of Brazil and Turkey, with the apparent backing of President Obama. But that arrangement came under fierce attack by Secretary of State Clinton and was derided by leading U.S. news outlets, including editorial writers at the New York Times who mocked Brazil and Turkey as being “played by Tehran.”
          • The ridicule of Brazil and Turkey – as bumbling understudies on the world stage – continued even after Brazil released Obama’s private letter to President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva encouraging Brazil and Turkey to work out the deal. Despite the letter’s release, Obama didn’t publicly defend the swap and instead joined in scuttling the deal, another moment when Clinton and administration hardliners got their way.
          • At the beginning of 2014, Clinton continued her baseless terrorist threats against Iran, again declaring support for Obama's baseless collective punishment and murder of Iranian civilians through sanctions, and threatening Iran with terrorist violence, saying the US needs to keep "all options on the table", a reference to a new war of aggression based on lies perpetuated by Clinton, Obama, Bush, and other aggressor terrorists, regarding non-existent and not-pursued nuclear weapons.  As part of an attempt to address her record of pro-war extremism in light of her 2016 campaign, Clinton ultimately sided with Obama in playing good-cop to the republican bad-cop on the issue of further increasing the terrorist sanctions, but again revealed her true motive (US domination of Iran) by refusing to withdraw her lies about Iran pursuing nuclear weapons (which is the made up pretext for US aggression), and continuing her support for economic terrorism and mass murder of Iranian civilians, as well as her illegal threats of terrorist violence against Iran.  
        • "“To right-wingers willing to look beneath what probably sounds to them like the same identical views of the Democratic candidates, it is pretty clear that Hillary Clinton is the most conservative.” - Bruce Bartlett, policy adviser to President Ronald Reagan; treasury official under President George H.W. Bush, from America’s venerable conservative magazine, William Buckley’s National Review" (1)
        • "We also hear from America’s premier magazine for the corporate wealthy,Fortune, whose recent cover features a picture of Clinton and the headline: “Business Loves Hillary”." (1)
        • "Back to 2013: In October, the office of billionaire George Soros, who has long worked with US foreign policy to destabilize governments not in love with the empire, announced that “George Soros is delighted to join more than one million Americans in supporting Ready for Hillary.” (1)
        • Even the highly establishment and pro-"democrat" publication Time says of Hillary Clinton, the "truth is impossible to deny. Clinton has demonstrated a well-documented willingness to use American military power overseas. Gates’ book is just the latest evidence, along with previous reporting and original interviews with current and former Obama officials, of the strikingly hawkish voice Clinton offered during Obama Situation Room debates.  ...In fact, Clinton may have been the [Obama] administration’s most reliable advocate for military action. On at least three crucial issues—Afghanistan, Libya, and the bin Laden raid—Clinton took a more aggressive line than Gates, a Bush-appointed Republican."
          • The entire Time article, which goes through Clinton's hawkish pro-war record, here
        • According to TIME, Hillary Clinton may well have to defend her right wing extremism against attacks from republicans further left than her.  For example "a GOP nominee could bash Clinton for defying public opinion [and committing war crimes] on Afghanistan, Syria and Libya."
        • In August, the New Republic asked John McCain whom he would support in a matchup between "democrat" Hillary Clinton and the republican Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, a fulsome critic of American military interventions. “Tough choice,” McCain replied.
        • Hillary Clinton Supports unconstitutional power for the executive branch:
          • In 2003, Clinton stated that she was "a strong believer in executive authority," wishing that when her husband was president, Congress had been more willing to recognize presidential authority. (4)
        • Saudi Arabia is the world’s biggest supporter of militant Islamic groups such as the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s Lashkar-e-Taiba, and the Saudi government is reluctant to stem the flow of money, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a 2009 cable obtained by Wikileaks.
          • "Saudi Arabia remains a critical financial support base for al-Qaida, the TalibanLeT and other terrorist groups." - Leaked 2009 paper signed by Clinton
          • Donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most “significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide,” according to the Clinton cable.
          • Drew C. Bailey, a spokesman for the state department, declined to comment on the cable.
          • The Obama regime has also been aware, since it took office, of the Saudi government's funding of 9/11: link
          • The Obama regime, following Bush, has kept classified the 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission report on Saudi Arabia
            • Members of congress who have read this part of the report say it is absolutely shocking
            • Word has leaked of the Saudi government's funding for 9/11.  US citizens are currently suing Saudi Arabia over it: link
        • Since the Obama regime's documented awareness of these major Saudi links to terror, including massive terror against the US, the Obama regime, with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, has vastly increased US tax money and weaponry flowing to Saudi Arabia.  Examples:
          • In 2013, Obama regime sent the biggest single weapons shipment in US history, 60 billion dollars worth of lethal weapons, to Saudi Arabia.
          • The USA started funding and training jihadists to overthrow Syria and eventually Iran in at least 2006 under Bush, then continued the plan seamlessly under Obama, largely thanks to Hillary Clinton.  More info here
          • (In later 2013, the Obama regime shipped almost one billion dollars worth of illegal cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia, having recently (and obviously hypocritically and dishonestly) condemned the Syrian government's use of cluster munitions.  A week after being awarded the "nobel peace prize", Obama carried out a terrorist attack against a market in Yemen, killing 41 people including 21 kids and 16 women, five of them pregnant, as well as many innocent men.  For this attack, he used missiles with cluster-bomb warheads.)
        • While trying to paint herself as some bastion of women's rights, Hillary Clinton hardly utters a peep about major US allies, like Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, who wickedly repress women and homosexuals by murder, beatings, floggings, and stonings, and torture children (as does Israel), as do groups supported from Saudi Arabia such as the (formerly US-backed) Taliban, and Islamic fundamentalist jihadist groups Al Qaeda and Al Nusra. 
          •  When asked about women trying to obtain the right to drive cars in the extremist dictatorship of US-backed Saudi Arabia, John Kerry said "that debate is best left to Saudi Arabia."  Link.  While issuing, outside of Saudi Arabia, less disgraceful rhetoric than Kerry, Clinton (and the Obama regime) continued to heavily support (weapons shipments) and work closely with (arming jihadists) Saudi Arabia, an extremist state with no human rights, which Clinton herself stated in a (leaked) cable is the world's biggest supporter of the Taliban and Al Qaeda (see above).
          • This is perfectly in keeping with Clinton's record, which in virtually every instance consists of prioritizing forceful US domination of the world (aka imperialism and hegemony) over actual commitment to women's rights, human rights, etc.  Those things are fine and worth talking about, under intense public pressure and/or once talking about them aligns with higher priority political objectives, but are at best second to US imperial interests.  When they present obstacles to those interests, they are ignored.  
            • This is seen, for example, in Clinton's pre-trial condemnation of Lindh as a traitor for allegedly supporting the Taliban but conspicuously absent condemnations as traitors of people she needs and serves - corporate cronies and campaign donors - and the US government itself, for their very real massive material support for and coordination with the Taliban, which lasted for years, from its inception in the early 1990s, until September 2001 (see above). 
            • Regarding Clinton regime and US corporate support for the Taliban:
            • "[W]hen a Clinton official was reminded that the Taliban persecuted women, he said, "We can live with that." (here)
            • "...a strong campaign [was] waged by rights activists in America, particularly the Feminist Majority led by Eleanor Smeal and Mavis Leno, which lobbied Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright very fiercely to stop the Unocal project and come out against the Taliban’s repression of women. [But] the Clinton administration viewed the Taliban’s rise favorably... [because, in addition to two other strategic reasons] the U.S. wanted to build this pipeline. There was a lot of support from the Pentagon and the State Department for the Unocal effort." (here)
            • "as it became clearer that Taliban policy-makers were beginning to lean toward Bridas [a non-US oil company] by late 1997, the Clinton administration responded by suddenly paying heed to human rights/women’s groups who had been protesting Taliban conduct for the past two years. In November 1997, after years of relative quiet, Clinton’s Secretary of State Madeleine Albright publicly condemned the Taliban’s treatment of women... [but] it was only when absolute [US] control of that oil was challenged that the Taliban regime was openly discredited..." (here)
            • "[In] August 1998, ...the US embassy bombings in East Africa (attributed to Usama bin Laden) prompted Clinton to... call for the Taliban to expel Bin Laden. Interestingly, the latter’s presence in Afghanistan since 1996 had not stalled the courtship of the previous years, despite being implicated in earlier acts of ‘terror'"(ibid)
            • The US had also been sanctioning Pakistan, but Clinton removed the sanctions to befriend Pakistan so the planned pipeline could run through it to the coast. (ibid)
            • As Obama's sec. of state, "Hillary Clinton has even publicly endorsed President Karzai’s attempts to open talks with “moderate” members of the Afghani Taliban. The only definition of the “moderate” she provided was those “willing to abandon violence, break with al Qaeda and support the constitution.”" (ibid)
        • Clinton also prioritizes corporate cronies and needed campaign donors over the planet:
        • Who loves Hillary Clinton?  The groups she caters to: International corporations, international finance, and right-wing propaganda peddlers.  Here are some of her top 100 supporters (not in order) from 2003 to 2008:
        • Hillary Clinton stated that US imperial military bases in the Middle East should be maintained without time constraints.  (10)  This includes US bases in Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen (Socotra) the United Arab Emirates, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tadjikistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, the Balkans, Cyprus, Djibouti, and of course the USA's outlaw nuclear military base Israel, and its outlaw nuclear ally Pakistan, as well as a favorable relationship with outlaw nuclear ally India, and use of military facilities in Azerbaijan.
        • Hillary Clinton is further to the right on Israel's illegal wall than even George W. Bush and Colin Powell. The entire world, apart from a microscopic extremist fringe on the lunatic right, considers Israel's wall illegal as long as it cuts through and steals Palestinian territory.  
          • George W. Bush said of the wall in 2005, "I think the wall is a problem. And I discussed this with Ariel Sharon. It is very difficult to develop confidence between the Palestinians and Israel with a wall snaking through the West Bank."
          • Colin Powell said of the wall in 2003: "A nation is within its rights to put up a fence if it sees the need for one. However, in the case of the Israeli fence, we are concerned when the fence crosses over onto the land of others."
          • The Bush regime was then going to CUT funding to Israel, the biggest foreign recipient of US tax money, to pressure Israel to move the wall to the legal border, and not use it to steal Palestinian land.  HOWEVER, people like Hillary Clinton in congress made such a stink that the Bush regime decided not to pursue the plan.  
          • I2005, Hillary Rodham Clinton, at the time a U.S. Senator from New York, said she supports the separation fence Israel is building, which is illegally being built beyond Israel's borders so that it absorbs Palestinian land.
        • And perhaps most depraved of all:
          • The Clintons presided over much of the sanctions regime against Iraq.
          • The US led-sanctions, as is openly admitted, intentionally targeted and harmed civilians, which is terrorism. 
          • The sanctions killed between 500,000 and 1,000,000 (estimates go even higher) Iraqi children under the age of five.  That's not counting adults.  
          • The resulting deaths of Iraqis, including at least half a million children, were not unintended consequences, but intended results of America’s malicious policy. That’s mass murder, and possibly genocide. (The policy of using sanctions as a weapon of mass destruction to collectively punish civilians [terrorism] is being repeated in Iran, which Hillary Clinton of course supports.)
          • "We are in the process of destroying an entire society. It is as simple and terrifying as that. It is illegal and immoral." (Denis Halliday, after resigning as first UN Assistant Secretary General and Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq, to protest the sanctions, which he called "genocidal". - The Independent, 15 October 1998)
          • Halliday’s successor, Hans von Sponeck, also resigned in protest of the sanctions, which he also called crimes against humanity. 
          • Jutta Burghardt, head of the World Food Program in Iraq, also resigned in protest of the sanctions. 
          • First Lady Hillary Clinton stayed on. Her reaction can be summed in a single word. Silence.
          • Madelein Albright, Bill Clinton's Secretary of State, is known as Iraq's Grim Reaper for having helped oversee the USA's genocidal sanctions against Iraq that killed 500,000 or more Iraqi children.  Here is Albright on 60 Minutes, in a clip famous especially in the Middle East, saying the murder of 500,000 Iraqi children was "worth it": link.  (Surprising side note: none of the children killed were Albright's, if you can believe it.) 
          • Unsurprisingly, Iraq's Grim Reaper endorsed and supported Hillary Clinton in her 2008 campaign for U.S. President. Albright has been a close friend of Clinton and serves as her top informal adviser on foreign policy matters.
          • In 2012, the Obama white house awarded Iraq's Grim Reaper the "highest honor" that the USA bestows upon civilians - the "presidential medal of freedom".  Yikes...
          • Imagine if, say, Canada carried out sanctions against the USA that killed the US per-capita equivalent of what the USA's sanctions against Iraq killed; that would be almost 9 million (and possibly up to 18 million) US children.  (That would mean every child in New York, LA, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, and then still millions and millions more to go, got sick and died due to Canada's sanctions against the US.)  Then imagine if a Canadian leader famous for saying that killing 9 million US children was "worth it", and who had been nicknamed the USA's Grim Reaper, was awarded the highest honor in Canada, the presidential medal of freedom.  People might start asking questions about Canada like, maybe, "what kind of sick people are running that country, and why aren't Canadian citizens arresting and prosecuting them?"
          • (More on Albright: She and the Clinton regime bear direct responsibility for the Rwandan genocide, which left a million dead right away, then millions more subsequently through the fascist, US-backed Kagame government.  See here.  Here is Albright on the Clinton regime's illegal bombing of Yugoslavia:“We intentionally set the bar too high [at Rambouillet] for the Serbs to comply. They need some bombing and that’s what they are going to get.” Here.  This extraordinarily evil person is Hillary Clinton's close personal friend and top informal adviser...)

        These are some of the reasons why international financial institutions with an interest in global expansion and exploitation are backing Hillary Clinton in another ultra-expensive campaign, as they did Barack Obama.  


        I do not claim the above bullet list is complete, and in fact I know there is more to add.  Please advise with any information.  I also do not claim to have personally written all the above statements, as many are direct quotes I copied from sources, pasted into the list, and cited or linked.  I say this to illustrate that I have no interest in trying to pass off anyone else's work as my own, and for fair use purposes. 

        As for trying to demonstrate that I have not created this list because Clinton is a woman, I hope the parts exposing her hypocrisy on women's rights help in that regard, and I will add that if forced, I would vote for Hillary over Jeb Bush, George Bush, and any number of other men of their ilk.  I would also write in Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Michelle Alexander, Amy Goodman, or any number of other women who should be president instead of Clinton, but it could be said that I know this wouldn't result in a woman making it to office because they have no chance.  (I would also vote for Elizabeth Warren over Clinton, but I don't support Warren per se, because she has supported horrible US-backed massacres, as Glenn Greenwald discusses here.)  So, if there are any other tips for good ways to illustrate pro-feminism without taking down Clinton's record, I am open to suggestions.  

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        On Hillary Clinton's extreme corruption regarding catering to republican corporate and financial donors: 


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