[시리아] President Assad Accuses West of Supporting Terrorists in Syria

by 볼셰비키 posted Nov 26, 2015


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President Assad Accuses West of Supporting Terrorists in Syria 

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July 26, 2015 "Information Clearing House- Damascus, SANA- Bashar al-Assad said Sunday that the West still deals with terrorism in a hypocritical way.

Talking before heads and members of public organizations; vocational syndicates; and chambers of industry, trade, agriculture and tourism, President Assad added.. they call it terrorism when it hits them, and revolution, freedom, democracy and human rights when it hits us.

The President said that in spite of the complexities of the situation in Syria, the reality has appeared clearly and masks have dropped from many faces and fake terminologies have fallen down and lies have been divulged.

Terrorism is an ill ideology, a distorted doctrine and an anomalous exercise that emerged and grew up in environments of ignorance and backwardness, and it is obvious for all that colonization is the side that founded these factors and boosted them and is still boosting them, President al-Assad added.

“How could those who spread the seeds of terrorism combat it” President al-Assad wondered, adding that. ”Who wants to combat terrorism could do it through rational and realistic policies based on justice and the respect of peoples’ will of determining their future, managing their affairs, restoring their rights on the basis of spreading knowledge, combating ignorance, improving economy, raising awareness of the society as well as developing it.

“Changes of the West cannot be counted on as long as they follow the double-standards policy,” the President said, adding that “we have not depended but on ourselves since the first day, hoping good intentions from the real friends of the Syrian people.”

On Russia and China’s stances, the President said that “Russia has constituted, along with China, a safety valve that prevented the transformation of the Security Council into a tool for threatening peoples and a platform for aggression on states, particularly Syria.”

“Our approach has always been the response to all initiatives that we receive regardless the intentions because the Syrian blood is above all else and halting war is a priority.” , the President added.

President al-Assad said that Iran has provided support to Syria stemming from the fact that the battle is not a battle a state, a government or a president rather it is the battle of integrated axis, which does not represent states in so far as it represents an approach of independence, dignity, interests of nations and stability of homelands.

The President continued to say that the sole initiative they accept and welcome is providing the homeland to them and to their masters, the matter that they will never ever reach.

“After years of war, the Syrian people have been resilient, sacrificing for the sake of the homeland, and if they had wanted to give up, they would not have waited all this time and paid as much as that.”

“Any political presentation that does not essentially rely on combating terrorism and ending it is practically ineffective.”, President al-Assad said, adding that “Countries supporting terrorists have increased their support to them recently and in some cases, they directly intervened to back them.”

President al-Assad said.. “The blood of our faithful brothers from the Lebanese Resistance has mixed with the blood of their brothers in the Army and they have their prominent role and effective performance along with the Army in making achievements.”, clarifying that …it is impossible for non-Syrian brothers or friends to come and defend our homeland on behalf of us, “Each part of Syria is precious and invaluable and each spot equals in its demographic and geographic importance all other spots.”

The President stressed that there is a huge difference between the foreign-produced “foreign opposition”, which gets orders from its masters abroad and the internal opposition that participates with us for overcoming the crisis and increasing the immunity of the homeland.

President al-Assad Said.. The mastermind is the Master and they use terrorism as a main tool, while the political solution is a substitute tool, pointing out that .. in dialogue there are three models: the national, the agent and the opportunist.

The President went on to say ..The state-conducted initiatives are not news articles, but rather facts on the ground, President al-Assad: Battles are controlled by priorities of the leadership and field facts, adding that in some areas, locals fought along with the army, which had an effect in resolving battles quickly with minimum losses.. The war is not only the war of the armed forces, but a war of the whole homeland.

President al-Assad added that, for sure, the armed forces are capable of protecting the homeland as they have gained achievements and broke the criteria connected to balance.

Homeland is not for those who lives in it or have its nationality and passport, but for those who defend and protect it, the President said, adding that.. In parallel with the military war, we were conducting a psychic-media war, which aimed at propagating and consolidating the idea that Syria is fragmented into entities distributed geographically among (government) supporters, oppositions and other sectarian and ethnic groups.

Since the beginning of the war, we didn’t hear about citizens who were displaced to areas of terrorists (After liberating them, as they used to call it) and we didn’t hear about the Syrian- rich variety in places where they exist nor about the homogeneity among the spectra living at their areas The president wondered.

The reality is that elements existed on the ground are only two.. Terrorists with all their nationalities and ethnicities on one side, and the rest of the Syrians on the other side, thus all talk and noise on sectarian, ethnic and denominational partition in Syria is nullified, the President elaborated.

President al-Assad added… Whoever wants to assess the situation in Syria adequately, he should assess it on the popular and demographic levels before assessing it military and geographically in a deep not in a superficial way to be able to understand that share of any Syrian is Syria as a whole…Syria the one and the unified…Syria the rich in its colors… the proud of its spectrums.

President al-Assad … Political and field situations, with no doubts, are directly reflected on the economic situation …Along with the security obsession which we are living, there is also the livelihood obsession.

President al-Assad… State institutions are continuing to do their work even though in the minimum levels as we are in a war and during wars, life completely stops and the necessities of livelihood cease.

There are anonymous soldiers…workers, engineers, doctors, craftsmen and many others from all sectors link night with day, and they work in circumstances that have been sometimes similar to the circumstances of fighting to provide the requirements of life, the President said.

The President added … The most promising sector in our circumstances is the sector of construction, and the law which opens the door wide before this sector was passed, and the organizational plans were set for the first of these areas in Damascus.

We are in a crucial stage where there are no compromises and hesitation is equal to defeatism, cowardice and treason … no relinquishment of any inch of land or rights ….we will not be slaves, but we will be independent masters… masters of our countries, capabilities and rights, the President said.

President al-Assad added that the world is changing little by little, as the countries which are adhered to their rights should win, and the best example on this is what has been achieved by the brotherly country of Iran regarding the agreement which had been reached after a long patience and toil, yet through its steadfastness, determination and will, and this is the approach of the free countries which don’t accept the slavery or the subjugation.

The price is absolutely high, because the scheme is huge and the war is a war of existence… to be or not to be… it is correct that the factor of foreign interference has been a main one in igniting the flames of war, yet most of us today recognize that the internal factor is the most important factor in extinguishing these flames, The President added.

President al-Assad added that … We as Syrians will be able to save our country from what is being hatched against it only if everyone of us feels that this battle is his own, and that he is concerned with his homeland, city, village and home before others, and that he is concerned with the territorial integrity of his homeland and with preserving the coexistence.

President al-Assad affirmed that Syria’s victory in its war will not only mean defeating terrorism, but it would also mean that the region will restore its stability as the future of the region will be set and its features will be drawn based on the future of Syria.

“Our choice has been clear since the first day…owning will and conviction of victory,” President al-Assad said, clarifying that victory here is not of some Syrians over others, but rather the victory of all Syrians over the scheme set against them.

“Promises from outside for those living there will remain mere illusions as long as there are brave soldiers in the Army and Armed Forces defending their homeland, fighting in the hardest circumstances and dying for Syria to survive.”

“This homeland is ours and defending it is our duty”, The president said.



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