On imperialist media and ‘leftist’ cheerleaders

by 볼셰비키 posted Mar 12, 2020


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On imperialist media and ‘leftist’ cheerleaders


Established at the end of the 19th and early 20th centuries, financial capital turned its eyes to overseas where it could gain superprofits (since they are obtained over and above the profits which capitalists squeeze out of the workers of their “own” country) after devouring the domestic market. However, attempts to reshape foreign territories into a colonial system suitable for super-exploitation of financial capital had created a strong resistance of the indigenous. In response, financial capital had further raised its loyal servant, the military-apparatus, and crushed colonial resistance.

But the military alone is not enough. Because it is the working class and petty bourgeoise to cost their lives or get injured for the profit of financial capital. Therefore, if the truth is known as it is, they will never support war and even revolt. Therefore, financial capital must have the means to fool them. And that’s what imperialist media is.


It was also the case in the days of Marx, the era right before the advent of modern financial capital. The quotes below are part of Marx's writing on “Sepoy mutiny” more than 170 years ago.

“And then it should not be forgotten that, while the cruelties of the English are related as acts of martial vigor, told simply, rapidly, without dwelling on disgusting details, the outrages of the natives, shocking as they are, are still deliberately exaggerated. For instance, the circumstantial account first appearing in The Times, and then going the round of the London press, of the atrocities perpetrated at Delhi and Meerut, from whom did it proceed? From a cowardly parson residing at Bangalore, Mysore, more than a thousand miles, as the bird flies, distant from the scene of action…… What it simply wants is to write up the funds and to screen the Government.Karl Marx, The Indian revolt, London, Sept. 4, 1857

The colonial rule of the British East India Company presented nothing but the collapse of traditional industries, looting of common land and disastrous famine to India. Thus, at the moment when fury of the Indian people had been soaring, The company's Indian mercenaries, Sepoy, rose up in discontent with their working condition. Indian people responded mutineers with great support. As a result the mutiny of Sepoy escalated to the Indian revolt. British imperialism, which is on the verge of losing its most profitable colony, brutally oppressed it.

Meanwhile, the British press, led by The Times, served the interest of capital with unscrupulous practices, such as concealing the atrocities of the British army and exaggerating or fabricating the atrocities of the Indians. Marx's comments above were a sharp revelation of this point.

It’s no different today. Just over two decades ago, Western media misled US imperialist’s lies on Iraq, Saddam’s WMD. Then they transformed "Al Qaeda" in Libya and Syria, "neo-Nazis" in Ukraine, "Fascists" in Venezuela and Bolivia, and "anti-Communists & racists" in Hong Kong into “freedom fighters”. In addition, shameless lies about the North Korea are mainly distributed from South Korean official mass media.

However, there are some people who consider themselves as "Marxist" but learn nothing Marx's insight. They blindly put there trust on "freedom fighters" created by Western media, urging the working class all over the world to support them, or suggesting neutrality in an awkward manner. With this, they use Marx's great reputation for wrapping up imperialist filth. Then again, they hurl all kinds of "moral" rampage on those who follow Marx’s insight.

They do this because of their stupidity in believing in enemies easily, and more fundamentally by their opportunism, which cannot overcome the pressure of reactionary public opinion. Thus they outwardly admire Marx, but in reality they become the cheerleaders of imperialism who disgrace Marxism.

It is translated from our 4 Feb, 2020 제국주의 언론과 ‘좌익’ 들러리들