[Collapse of the IBT] Summary of Our Thought on "Islam Revolution" in 1979 in Iran

by 볼셰비키 posted Oct 31, 2018


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Contributed in 4th June 2017 for internal debate

The revolution in 1979 in Iran was not Islam revolution, but a revolution against Shah regime which was the imperialist stooge. In that revolution there involved various social forces such as radical nationalist, stalinist guerilla, pro-soviet communists and secular liberals meanwhile there were many Islam nationalist too. And there also were other Islamist faction which supported Shah and imperialist rule.

It was not destined to but was morphed into Islam revolution after a series of power game in a couple of years of time with Mujahedin, fedayeen and Tudeh which Khomeini faction won, in the situation of war with Iraq, the hostility policies of the US against it, passive and defensive policy of the Soviet and popular front position of the Tudeh. The Khomeini’s taking power was not resulted from their political ability but from domestic and international situation and the inability of the leadership of the working class, as like Kerensky took the power.

Even though it failed to go further to socialism and degenerated into and set in Islam revolution, it brought meaningful reforms to Iranian people and gave serious blow to imperialists especially the USA. The US lost one of their reliable bridgeheads and Iran became an opponent in that strategic region. So Iran revolution in 1979 was positive one for world working class which we should have sided with against Shah and imperialist.