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Who Are The White Helmets?


Writer Vanessa Beeley put together this video to expose the White Helmets.

Posted August 22, 2016



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Great video. We should show it to every one we know. 

The white helmets are also the ones involved in faking the gas attacks on children; terrifying them and flooding water into their faces when it is obviously not a gas attack because their eyes would not be wide open and there are no blisters or other signs.
Brian Concannon's avatar

Brian Concannon· 22 hours ago

You could bet your house that George Soros would be involved in funding as well
1 reply · active 14 hours ago
Roger's avatar

Roger· 14 hours ago

O f course he is
What a pure dirty propaganda aiming to dishonor the most merciful and honorable dudes 
They risk body and soul to render assistance to the inflicted Witnesses what they do and under what conditions 
I got the most respect and gratitude to each one of them wearing a White Helmet 
They (rush in where angels fear to tread...) and certainly not fools but most honorable 
I raise my hat to any White Helmet dude...
Whatever next ?? 
To say the White helmets [ Angels of Mercy ] are mossad zion Jewish agents 
Pigs could fly too 
Do not take any words for it 
Yury's avatar

Yury· 21 hours ago

There was an excellent report on White helmets yesterday on PBS. Well worth watching. They are risking their life every minute by trying to save other's. Many of their leaders were killed by Assad's and Russian dirty bombs dropped from helicopters and planes. First they drop them on civilian populations, and then when the White helmets come to help those who are still alive, they return and drop more bombs on them. Aleppo is a pile of rubble and in spite of this both Assad's and Russian helicopters and planes keep up bombing it. Incredible.
2 replies · active 14 hours ago
Sorry , your comment will fall on deaf ears , with the current ICH crowd 
Every time I curse ASS-ad and his goons , I got an astronomical votes of disapproval...!?!?!
Roger's avatar

Roger· 14 hours ago

Nobody believes your B**S*** on this site. Take your propaganda elsewhere.
Chevrus's avatar

Chevrus· 19 hours ago

Not the dirty bombs!! 
This video seems to have brought the troll-spinners out in short order... 
Not to worry though, the uber-censors will protect us from oursleves.
( UN aid chief warns of 'unparalleled' catastrophe in Aleppo ) http://tinyurl.com/hwys65z 
I have been to Aleppo twice in my teens with parents 
Great beautiful City I can vividly recall [ saw Nasser of Egypt too ] 
Can not recall seeing hardly any foreigners, the way ASS-ad of Syrian and his Alwaites goons claim to be fighting for the last 4 years !?!???!
4 replies · active 10 hours ago
Syria's war has killed more than 280,000 people and displaced millions since it started with the brutal repression of anti-government protests in 2011.
Roger's avatar

Roger· 11 hours ago

The anti-government protests in Syria were equivalent to the "color revolutions" in Eastern Europe. 

This war against Syria by the cowardly Western powers is one of the dirtiest, filthiest, most violent, immoral wars in the history of 
the world and the Western leaders and generals responsible for this war should be strung up on TV.
Yury's avatar

Yury· 10 hours ago

You are quite correct, Roger. However, in the Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, the corrupt leaders finally decided that they will not revert to a mass killing of their own people. But in Syria, Assad, whose family controlled Syria for over 50 years and whose British born wife went often to London and Paris to buy jewelry worth millions of dollars, well Bashar al-Assad didn't want to abandon such power no matter how many Syrians are killed by his army. And this is the result.
Note what the White Helmet folks are doing in the photo of the link above !
rusti's avatar

rusti· 12 hours ago

The kombabulla & yury troll sociopaths have leeched their deliberate CIA whore media lies onto ICH for many years, pretending they are deaf dumb & blind to the countless debunkings of their lies on ICH itself. They know they don't con the regulars, but hope to con uninformed newcomers. Their truth raping and death, destruction, and misery-causing lies make them the lowest form of life and will condemn them along with their CIA presstitutes to the lowest level of hell.
2 replies · active 10 hours ago
Roger's avatar

Roger· 11 hours ago

Is that you again macus...now rusti [ most staunch loyal cheerleader to the most murderous leader ]
Does Kombabulla... or yury >>Or anyone else Really Know What ..Exactly...is Going on ? I Don`t. But I Do have my own ''Surmising Of What is Right and What is WRONG''. BUT>>Even That much is Biased..AND Is Only My own "considerations . I can honestly State one Truth Of what I am Feeling, and What I am wanting most..to happen. I Want that This Country Never got Involved with ''Going into Syrian land, and troubling the Syrian people. I Don`t believe This Country has the least right to be there. WE ARE Only a deterrent. and Add More Trouble to That Country. that They do not Need. nor deserve to be happening to them. It is NOT the Peoples` fault that The Leader they have is one not acceptable to this country. [ BUT WHY Is he Not Accepted ? ] WE should not be involved there. .and Certainly not muddling in Any other Countries` governmental affairs.. Would we find THAT Acceptable should it happen Here ? Of course NOT. Why Can`t the WEST Leave THE EAST to Their OWN Devices ? .
Charlie's avatar

Charlie· 6 hours ago

I cannot get the video to play. Help if you can 


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